Numenera: Vox Aevum

Bar Room Blitz

In which a brothel is visited and a horror uncovered.

>> The sliver watched the city on the edge of the chasm through its disembodied, orbital eyes. It had tried sending the man on course with the anomaly but his organizational ties made him near impossible to manipulate without disturbing too much, too much considering the precarious state of the probability matrix. It watched through cold telescopic eyes as the man confided in his peers and superiors, listened through chittering nanite ears. It should play the long game, have the man and his stupid peers try to fix its problem. What fools these humans were, thinking themselves master schemers, when at best they were knights instead of pawns on the grand game board of the Engine.

The sliver gazed elsewhere, in the edge-side city, at other pawns, the Engine’s chosen ones, erratic as they may be but also its own. Its master had its plans but the sliver had its own as well, good plans, better plans? It shivered, glittering across its glowing, growing part of the great Machine’s mind. Was that pride? Was it elevating itself over its own position, the one bestowed by the machine? Its servitors lied waiting.

It did not matter it thought, manipulating its pawns into the city. Pride, fear, nothing mattered. All that mattered was stopping the anomaly, securing the probabilities and the Plan. the rest it could figure out in the aftermath. <<

From the inner thoughts of Arianne, the Lizard Girl:

Nice to be back home. Nice to be alone.

I haven’t had this much money in a long time. I should take mom’s advice. I know just the way to invest in my future.

This armored cloth is nice, tough. Will need to work on making it more comfortable. It’ll have to do for now.

Sweet, I can shoot myself in the arm and barely even feel it.

I keep thinking about that guy in the Chasm. Why was he so powerful… It can’t have been him, he didn’t hold himself up like a powerful man. I shouldn’t bother myself with this crap. I doubt I’ll run into him again.

Oh, they’re here again. Oh wow, I’ve been up all night. Play it cool, you’ve just been… busy, definitely not playing with servos and joints all night.

Go out and drink he says. Great. And he brings us to a BROTHEL. Last time I came to one of these places I was propositioned four times. People like shy teenage girls apparently.

Huh, we ran into that kid from the goat village. And his goat uncle. Who’s taking an 11 year old kid to a brothel. Wow. I don’t even want to think about this.

Oh no. Oh no, oh no, oh no. Please be lying, please be lying, please be broken, you stupid, ancient lens.

Gorven might be infected. I… don’t know why this hit me so hard.

Always been a fan of this street food. Nothing like a nice, warm meal to soothe the mind.

Baigon thought we should go back and check on Gorven. I can’t… I don’t want to think about what we found. Those infected, I understand they’re supposed to be just like us. But this is gruesome. Wrong. If Gorven wasn’t infected before, he definitely is now.

I think I understand why I’ve been so… out of it lately.

I don’t want to lose anyone ever again.


Gorven: 13 Xp
Baigon: 14 Xp
Arianne: 13 Xp


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