Numenera: Vox Aevum

03. Welcome to The Machine

In which a machine breaks and a device talks

>>The Engine was satisfied. The probability matrix was teetering on the edge of stabilizing, no prediction strings had been affected for almost a cycle of its ward.

The Probability engine had no sense of game logic or games in general. An ascended intellect had no need for distractions, quantum computations were its duty as well as its main pleasure, if an ascended intellect could be said to feel pleasure. But if it did, it would have gloated.

It had chosen its pieces well, eerie creatures though they were. Calculated and driven but prone to near fatal mistakes or erratic and aimless but ready to pull together in the face of danger they were nonetheless functional. Functional enough that it had promoted the slivers of itself that had chosen the pawns.

They had made no direct contact with the source of the anomaly but they had gotten close, limiting the scope of the damage it could continue to do to probability vectors and lines. Yes, the pawns had been chosen well and their course of action had been instrumental in limiting and almost stabilising the unravelling probability chains that it had so carefully computed.

Of course the actors had no idea of the magnitude of their importance. If they did they might overestimate their abilities and try to ‘fix’ the anomaly on their own. Or they could fail to understand the gravity of the situation and the vileness of the anomalous entity’s motives.

Or, worst of all, they might understand and choose to join its cause.<<


Gorven: 6 Xp
Baigon: 6 Xp
Arianne: 5 Xp


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