A Malvic Jack who Explores Deep Waters


Once a child raised in a prosperous household, now a wandering and outspoken adult who seeks to fulfill a family dream.


MIGHT – 14/14 (E:0)

SPEED – 16/16 (E:2) (-2 SPEED from LIGHT ARMOR usage)

INTELLIGENCE – 14/14 (E:0)




Trained in seeing through LIES, DECEPTION or DISGUISES.





Practiced with LIGHT and MEDIUM weapons.

FLEX SKILL (once a day can choose to be trained in a certain skill of your choosing)


Can perform WATER ESOTERIES (using water and ice instead of force or energy), can also swap an ESOTERY for CREATE WATER.

Can SAFELY DIVE into water up to 100ft, withstanding pressures up to 100ft deep. Can also HOLD BREATH UNDERWATER for 5 minutes.


Numenera-based tattoo on the upper chest with the inscription “JUSTICE AND MERCY” that will sometime glow red in certain circumstances (e.g when feeling intense emotions or during extreme physical pain).

Artifact Slug Thrower – Ammo regenerates, until it runs out of power. 2 SHOTS FIRED

Clothes x 2

Bow (BROKEN, 18 arrows left) and Rapier

Micromesh (TINT: Forest Green) x 1

Explorer’s Pack x1

Light tools x1

Rations x2

Bedroll x1

Matchstick box (x10)

Shins x4

First Aid Kit x1

Climbing Tools x1

Compass x1


Glass Prism Oddity – Can be THROWN into the air, will float, while hand movement made by the owner will produce different sounds, depending on hand motions and directions.

Hypo-nanoinjector CYPHER – Boost to Stealth – 3 minutes

Beam Caster CYPHER – 3 damage, Medium range

Depths Mask ODDITY – When fitted on the mouth it raises HOLD BREATH UNDERWATER time to 4 COMBAT or OUT OF COMBAT hours. Cooldown: 4 COMBAT and 4 OUT OF COMBAT hours


XP: 9






PC CONNECTIONS: Saw a womanly figure on a giant metal plateau located in what seemed to be a different world than the Ninth World during a vision, believes the Nano ARIANNE might help him find out who that woman was.


Hailing from the city of Yenth, of the kingdom of Malevich, Baigon was born into a family of merchants, many of whom had ties with the royal family, yet despite his upbringing, the rebellious rascal could never be convinced to take up the family sigil and continue the ways of the trade.

You see, the Malvic people are naturally stoic in nature, being taught from a very young age that the concept of “Justice and Mercy” is absolute. The very act of teaching another the error of their ways through words of wisdom is the foundation in which every Malvic folk carry on with their daily routine.

It is the product of this upbringing that has turned the Malvic people into the harsh people they are today. Though the kingdom is ravaged war and conflict, almost every citizen of Malevich respect the word of law. Oppression on the other hand, has shown to bring only violence throughout history, such is the point of view in Malevich. The people sometimes use this concept falsely, telling themselves that their actions are carried out in the name of justice and mercy, when sometimes it is clear what one has done, either to himself, or towards society.

Regarding our fellow Baigon, his upbringing followed the traditions of the Malvic ways, yet these teachings were always met with an impulsiveness of an ox with a will resembling that of a sly fox. As for his destiny, one might say that was chosen one fateful night, deep in the waters of the river Septum.

Baigon’s existence was laid out to him at childhood, his single father demanded him that he should continue the family legacy and so a great deal of resources were spent into forging a young merchant who would one day rule the trade of the land.

It would be easy to expect a child grown into relative wealth to embrace his heritage with ease. However Baigon’s brash nature always landed him into some sort of trouble. He also had a soft spot for the ultra-terrestrials and the other folk that befriended them, a people hailing from a distant world, looked upon with suspicion by ours. Their new home was now Yenth, which they dubbed it “New Yenth” in the day they crossed the interdimensional portal, located deep within the city.

Baigon’s mentor, a man named Orov, once a proud Field Lieutenant in the Royal Battalion, had been married to a woman of ultra-terrestrial heritage. The woman unfortunately passed away due to a miscarriage a decade ago.

Orov had spent much of his life in grief, longing for the family that was taken from him, though Orov always lied to himself that it was fate who deigned justice upon him and for that reason alone he found an excuse. He was the brother of Tegyn, Baigon’s father, so his sole consolation was to take it upon himself to train the young Baigon in the arts of commerce, combat and conversation, just like he would’ve done to his would-be son.

In between training sessions, Orov would tell tales of his desire to discover his wife’s homeland, Agartha, a realm from another time in which Gods and Men lived in harmony, where the union of cosmic and terrestrial power had crafted a place for everything, safe from the perils of the unknown.

Regretfully, Orov’s life was also extinguished tragically, as he was brutally murdered outside the city of Thriest by a large mob of xenophobic bandits who had a grudge against the ultra-terrestrials of Yenth. The bandits themselves were brought to justice by the regent’s troops and were publicly executed the very next day.

Upon hearing the news, Baigon requested that Orov and his wife’s ashes be put into a small urn and sent to him. He wrote a letter to his father, Tegyn in which he explained why the life of comfort and trade was never an attractive prospect, vowing to himself that he would find Agartha and reunite Orov and his family with the people of that realm.

Packing what he could, he left home into the dead of night and headed out with a desire to go South, where Baigon had learned from Orov that one group of ultra-terrestrials had left on an expedition to find a new portal to open, one that hopefully would prompt a hasty exile from this “blighted land” of ours.

And because something terrible had to happen one day, as somehow these events would always follow Baigon, one day during his travels on the great river, he got caught in a terrible storm, smack dab in the middle. As his boat was capsized, Baigon was plunged deep into the waters in an instant. It should’ve been his final moment, the waters were throwing him ever deeper with great force, he was supposed to drown right there, but Baigon was a skilled diver, even during his childhood, he thought to himself that this is merely a setback and he will pull it together.

Desperately trying to escape the currents, Baigon picked up momentum and swam as fast as he could towards the surface, but again a vortex violently pulled him towards the depths and every second Baigon could feel his momentum slipping with his life hanging by mere threads.

Just as he put his entire force into his upward swim, a new current struck him and was holding him in a mad lock, at the very bottom of the river. From the bright grey light, a pitch black had finally hit Baigon, as he was slowly drowning, feeling life slipping away, ever so slower.

Yet this was not the end, not that day at least, for as he was locked to the riverbed, a faint blue light materialized before his very eyes. It came closer and closer, piercing the black depths, almost blinding the drowning man. As the suffocating silence set in, Baigon gave up on life and accepted a summary execution by the water of the river, who had started to force it’s way into his lungs, but that moment lasted for a minute, for Baigon could hear himself breathe and as he opened his eyes, he caught a glimpse of a land where towering cities made of steel, where domes and craft made of crystal floated above in the skies.

As the shining structures were laid before him, he would catch sight of a woman standing on a giant plateau that seemed to have been made entirely out of metal. Her arms were thrown up in a religious manner, while a giant shadow began to loom over the horizon….and then everything went black and silent again.

It felt like mere moments passed before he woke up on the river bank, dry, with his clothes and equipment intact. The storm had passed, yet Baigon shifted his attention to the depths of the river, where the light was nowhere to be seen.

Why that had happened? There was no logical explanation. He knew the waterways of the river since childhood and he had never witnessed or felt anything like just before. He was tempted to dive back into the water, hoping he would again see the blue light and find answers, but he very well knew that the under the waters, the same swirling currents might finish the job for good this time, terrible storm or not.

As he stood on the other side of the river, his boat nowhere in sight, shrugging off what had happened, but still puzzled, he picked up his belongings and walked off into the distance….


Numenera: Vox Aevum tsavatar Baigon