A Mechanical Nano who Explores Dark Places


Might 8
Speed 13 (14)
Intellect 16 (Edge 2)

Armor 2(3)

Effort 2

Tier 2
XP: 19 earned / 3 available
Advancement 0/4

Psionics Background


  • Hedge Magic (1)
  • Onslaught (1)
  • Ward (Enabler)
  • Scan (2)
  • Flash (4)


  • Searching (T)
  • Listening (T)
  • Climbing (T)
  • Balancing (T)
  • Jumping (T)
  • Numenera (T)
  • Repair (T)
  • Lockpicking (T)
  • Tinkering (T)


  • Practiced with light weapons
  • Armor Penalty reduction -1
  • Numenera Training
  • Expert Cypher Use (3 cyphers)
  • Trained in all actions involving and identifying numenera
  • Sense “magic”
  • Dark Esoteries
  • Unnerving manner (difficulty of any task involving charm, persuasion or deception is increased by one step)
  • Eyes adjusted


  • Explorer’s Pack (50ft rope, four days of rations, three spikes, hammer, warm clothes, sturdy boots, three torches, two minor glowglobes)
  • Bag of Light Tools (Small tongs, pliers, screwdriver, small hammer, small pry bar, lockpicks, 10ft of string, 3ft of wire, screws and nails)
  • Bag of Heavy Tools (Hammer, six spikes, crowbar, large tongs, chisel, 10ft of light but strong metal cable)
  • First Aid Kit
  • Oddity (small shadowy wisp following her around that only she can see, piece of nanobot software that latched onto her and “installed itself” into her brain)
  • Clothing
  • Armoring Cloth
  • Three Cyphers
  • Oddity (Dark grey eyes, no pupils, had them ever since the incident)
  • Light Bolt Thrower (4 damage)
  • Wrist Blade
  • 50 shins
  • Book about numenera
  • Pill cypher that accesses the datasphere and creates a representation of a dead creature that can attempt to answer questions. Requires corpse, lasts 28h
  • Accelerator ring cypher that can be attached to other devices and boosts their range by 1.5km
  • Beam caster 7 damage 200ft range cypher
  • Med-bot that restores 1d6-2 stat points 7 times per day (Artifact)
  • Large, clear lens that supposedly allows the user to see “infestation”
  • Spherical wi-fi interface thing that connects to mother machines
  • Robotics scrap (1kg)
  • Bio-mechanical scrap
  • Cypher that gives +1 to interfacing with tech for 10m
  • Grappling hook

Arianne is a 19 year old human girl, to the best of her knowledge, with jet black hair, completely gray eyes and a very strong desire to stay out of the spotlight and out of other people’s business.

She is of very small frame, coming in at only 1.65m in height and just shy of a healthy weight. Her manner is very awkward, which along with her completely gray eyes tends to make people slightly uncomfortable around her. Not one for etiquette, she says whatever she knows how to say and tries to shut up otherwise.

She moves very intently and carefully, as if every step she took were a complicated process, most likely a result of her experiences in the Chasm, where eons-old tunnels and crumbling stones can come apart at any moment.

She dresses quite oddly whenever she’s out “on business”, even according to her fellow professionals. She likes to wear a suit of soft, sturdy cloth that she wraps around her entire body. It may look ridiculous, but nobody has been able to tell how many pockets the whole thing has, and even her staunchest critics have admitted it’s a very effective way of concealing things or carrying them safely. Over this “wrapsuit” as she likes to call it, she usually wears light, non-restrictive clothing and a big, very dark, hooded cloak.

Her weapon of choice is a custom-design dart thrower that she found during one of her expeditions and decided to keep and fix up. It doesn’t pack much of a punch, but it’s usually enough to discourage anyone long enough for her to slip away.


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