Numenera: Vox Aevum

04. City of Ruins pt. I

In which a trap is triggered and a swarm fought

>> The servitors were all abuzz, pelting the great intellect of their master with significant fractions of information, chiming and flashing through the endless crystalline pathways of the Probability Engine with slivers of data that they had managed to get from the dark recesses of the probability hole. Most were just static or useless bits of information, and the Engine had no time or tolerance for that, folding every sliver back into its collective mind. But one sliver, one sliver truly deserved its attention. It had first distinguished itself by focusing on highly predictable entities in the path of the anomaly or of the Engine’s servants. It had narrowed itself to just a few then made an educated guess based on the character data of the Engine’s pawns that the trio would interact with one particular one. And it had followed that one attentively in its interactions.

it was easy for the sliver to resonate with the poor wretched device, it was, in a manner similar to it. A crystalline entity like the great engine itself, the entity was nonetheless a toy, inferior in scope to the anomaly, as far as they could predict, and even inferior to the simple minds of the Engine’s human catspaws. And it was quite mad or perhaps maddening, the sliver had not been separated by the great Engine to understand madness but it could make an estimative guess. The three had interacted with the device and the sliver had been watching through its master’s senses, looking and gathering data.

The presentation of this data had impressed the Engine, as much as an entity of its boundless majesty could be said to be impressed, so it had not folded the sliver back into its massive fray, but had instead infused it with more intellect and more data. It had been, for lack of a better word, promoted.

And the promotion was well deserved for soon after, the sliver, which had now been given the identity of Prime, had come up with another, even richer source of data. <<

Excerpt from the Logs of Central Processing Routine, Defence Command Subroutine (Interpreted)

[…] Awareness was drawn by still functional perimeter sensors of a second set of unidentified intruders. Separate event chain created.

[B-1265] In the aftermath of the loss of the central access chamber for level 4 a Beta alert went into effect. All unidentified to be treated as hostiles.

[B0000] Intruders were first observed in research wing A22AB while damaging remote access consoles and retrieving standard capacitor types Alpha++ and Miu. Intruders separated, forward scout maintaining position outside defence access corridor while salvage crew illegally repurposes capacitors.
[B0094] another type Miu capacitor illegally salvaged.
[B0113] Intruders reconvene, proceed through defence access corridor. Unauthorised network access attempt first logged.
[B0114] Network breach attempts continue.
[B0116] Intruder triggers laser grid net defence in corridor. Massive localised data floods delay optimal operation. Sensors signal structural integrity breach on laser net grid defence. Response delayed by [A3041] resource allocation. Catastrophic failure on laser net grid defence follows. Subject escapes with minimal, non-lethal damage.
[B0118] Catastrophic Total failure on laser net grid defence.
[B0125] System Response, AQ drones surviving [A3045] redirected to defence access corridor junction. Turret lost at [A0042] and [B0118] added to maintenance queue.


[B0127] Arrival of AQ Drones, armed response. Sensor response lost on formation A. control of drone 324 lost. Multiple catastrophic failures recorded with extreme response delay due to [A3057]. Catastrophic failure on formation A members, self destruct order deployed. Total catastrophic failure on formation B.



Gorven: 7 Xp —> Might Edge Advance +3 Xp
Baigon: 8 Xp —> Speed Edge Advance + 4 Xp
Arianne: 7 Xp —> Repair Skill Advance +3 Xp


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