Numenera: Vox Aevum

02. Choices

In which a city is visited and a choice made

>> The Engine watched eerily prodding at potential timelines as another potentiality succumbed to the black incertitudes that the frightening whisper from the void brought with it. Its first attempts at influence had failed and the shard responsible for the calculations had been unceremoniously reabsorbed into the main intellect. The remaining servitor-shards were scrambling with analyses and new courses of action. So far the main plan was to reduce the anomaly’s impact by isolating it from other vectors. It did not seem to be working.

In the meanwhile the Engine was getting angry, if a near-infinite intellect could be said to be capable of anger. It had been forced to dedicate inordinate amounts of processing power and memory space to places like ‘Malevich’ or ‘Stirthal’, places that had no purpose or meaning to the Engine’s infinite potentiality matrix. But if the anomaly was to spread, if whatever lied behind it had truly set its sights on the Engine’s ward than as much data as possible needed to be stored in order for the machine to still have the bare minimum of predictive… no, of combat acumen in the long run. <<

Excerpt from the private musings of Arianne:

Nice, chilly night. Any warmer and I’d be uncomfortable in my suit.

Whatever, forget the weather, what just happened was… something else entirely. I’ve heard machines before, worked with them, but that was like… brain interfacing or something. Freaky. Amazing though. Do machines have brains? That one didn’t seem very smart at least, maybe that Prime thing has a brain. Although if it did, maybe it wouldn’t have been a very good idea to try and lie to it.

Oh well. Not much to show from this trip so far. Stupid goatherds and their goatherd problems, dragging me into some stupid worlds-old conflict. What is this, one of my stupid novels?

Seriously, that guy is loud. He could be very useful as bait in the Chasm. No other use for someone like him down there. Big guy seems… like he wouldn’t get very far in the real world. Pity. He doesn’t strike me as dumb nor as your usual asshole.

It’s been hours. At least it’s dark.

Great, another wounded person. And these two wanted to stab him in the gut with a torch. Idiots. Why does everyone have to be an idiot. At least it was good practice for my… ehm… thing. The guy should live, maybe, I think.

Home sweet home. They insisted to carry the old man with them. Whatever. I’m gonna go get some sleep. Then I should probably find something to do for a nice warm meal, I could really use one.

It’s not much to look at, but I miss my house whenever I’m away. There’s not much left of my old life here, but just being able to clean up, sleep in my own bed and eat at the table my parents used to eat at means a lot. It really shouldn’t, I’m getting too old for this nostalgia crap. I miss them though.

Wonderful, I knew I shouldn’t have left Big Guy my address. Of course they came right when I was gonna sit down to eat. They wanna meet Tinhead. I was gonna go see him anyway, so I guess that’s fine. Loud Mouth better keep quiet if he knows what’s good for him, Tinhead’s place is small and his patience is smaller, blood’s gonna be everywhere.

So, this infestation thing’s not even news. I was just gonna drop it then and there, but then Big Guy made these eyes at me… like… like a man with purpose. I guess if he keeps up his end of the bargain, food and bedding is all I really need. There are worse things to work for and worse ways to work for them. Guess we’ll see what happens.


Gorven: 4 Xp
Baigon: 3 Xp
Arianne: 3 Xp


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